Welcome this Saturday's evening to the original meditative musical performance made by Aura Ra!

Aura Ra combines the singing of melodic, soothing mantras in ancient languages (Sanskrit and Pali) with electric guitar and vibrations of Gong. Sound performance is accompanied with special video installation made by a media artist. The program includes Gayatri, Ganesh, Mahamrityunjaya, and Sabbe Satta mantras.

It takes the viewer’s attention away from the external problems of everyday life. The soothing visual beauty of this presentation complements the powerful ancient mantras and the primal Gong and will create a powerful, magical, and unforgettable experience.

"We have teamed up to carry the Harmony to the World. We have combined the knowledge, ability and power for inspiration of people. We intend to broadcast the Energy of the Universe beautifully powerful into the heart."

This performance is open to everyone including those who are not familiar with any esoteric teachings. Entrance is for donation.It means you are welcome to leave as much as you want and can (depending on your experience and gratitude) — it will help us to make these events in future.

Don't miss this unique delightful experience being on Koh Samui!

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