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Jennifer, originally from USA, is a yoga therapist that concentrates on the yoga of recovery, utilizing the Eight Limbs of Yoga, Ayurvedic Philosophy and Psychology and modern day life as tools to help one rejuvenate inside and out. She also practices as a Structural Integration body worker (Ida Rolfs’ lineage of Rolfing). Her yoga journey has started in 2009: after a committed year of yoga, everything started to click and Jenni became aware that yoga was the key to her happiness. Thus she took on her first teacher training as a way to go deeper into her practice and it led her to where she is today.

Some of Jennifer's certifications and trainings accomplished to the date include: Power Vinyasa Yoga training (USA, 2011), Advanced Extensions/Sequencing/Adjusting training (USA, 2011), Yoga/Pilates training (USA, 2012), Yin Yoga training (USA, 2012), Breathwork Basics (Bali, 2013), 300hr Intro Structural Integration (Bali, 2017), 2 yr Ashtanga yoga Apprenticeship (Bali, 2017). There is also an ongoing training she is currently involved to: Yoga Therapy Degree, IAYT, 805h (USA).

In Yoga House & Spa, Jennifer makes Hatha yoga classes for both beginners and advanced students incorporating additional to asanas techniques (pranayama, meditation, yoga therapy elements) depending on people's needs — come and try it out!


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