Samui Vegan Day, 11/09 at 11:00 AM

Samui Vegan Day

Samui Vegan Day is an event to bring vegan community of the island together. It should help you to discover possibilities and realities of cruelty-free lifestyle, find co-thinkers, spend your time in a friendly atmosphere of positive thinking people.

Who can join? Everybody who wants to know about vegan food and lifestyle, to discuss its problems and benefits, to find new friends, to feel being a part of something big.

What can you expect? Vegans of Koh Samui (both tourists and long stayers), relaxed atmosphere, delicious and healthy vegan food and products from local vendors, interesting and inspiring lectures, movie.

How much? The entrance is FREE. You can buy some food and products as well as leave a DONATION (as much as you like) for lectures and movie.

Lectures schedule:

  • 12:00 — 12:30 PM. How to become a vegan/vegetarian? (Victoria Shurupova)
  • 12:30 — 01:00 PM. How to be a vegan and not lose friends? (Irina Kostenko)
  • 01:00 — 01:30 PM. Vegan motherhood: healthy and compassionate way. (Sharda ten Hove)
  • 01:30 — 02:00 PM. How animal agriculture affects the environment? (Dmitry Shurupov)

Lectures will be countinued with collective watching the "Making the connection" movie.

Samui Vegan Day is organized by Yoga House & Spa vegan cafe. It will happen for the first time for Koh Samui in Yoga House & Spa on September 11th, 2016 (Sunday). You are welcome!

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Zen flute Shakuhachi meditation, 04/08 at 17:30

This Thursday, August 4th, at 17:30 Yoga House & Spa invites you to join Zen flute Shakuhachi meditation by Adi Pieper!

Shakuhachi is traditionally made from the root piece of the Madake bamboo. Japanese flute masters have developed it to become an advanced instrument used for meditation, folk music, and classical music in Japan.

Adi Pieper's musical background ranges from Western music, classical guitar, classical voice to Eastern music (including Indian tabla drums and Indian bamboo flute). He founded a folk singing group, later sang in several symphony choruses and played and recorded with the musician and composer Deuter. His love for the Shakuhachi as a means for meditation led him not only to play it but also to build these flutes.

The meditation will last for about 45 minutes. There will be some classical Honkyoku pieces played as well as some free improvisations. Each piece will be followed by several minutes of silent sitting. The entrance is for donation. You are welcome!

Yoga House & Spa vegan cafe opening, 23/07 at 12:00

This Saturday, we will celebrate the opening of our brand new vegan café in Yoga House & Spa (Lamai)!

Following the nonviolent (ahimsa) lifestyle, we'd like to spread these ideas to all our visitors and to make them happy with our tasty & healthy food cooked with love. Our cafe's tagline is "Simple. Tasty. Vegan".

Everybody is welcome to enjoy this opening event to:

  • know and feel how our cafe will look like & try our first dishes,
  • have free snacks,
  • win nice prizes,
  • get a lot of fun communicating with our friends!

Entrance is free! The official opening will happen from 12:00 till 16:00. See you soon! ;-)

P.S. Here is our Facebook event to join.

Trauma Healing through Yoga, 16/07 at 10:00 AM

Do you know that trauma recovery is possible through yoga?

This workshop guided by Anouk Prop will give you an introduction on how trauma healing is possible through yoga. You will gain a deeper understanding of the concept of trauma and its physiological and psychological effects. In a practice-based way, you'll get a deeper insight in the recognition of trauma based behaviour in your environment and learn how to deal with this. A step-by-step approach in the gentle release of trauma is introduced. Different tools for a trauma-sensitive yoga class are presented and put into practice, such as asana, meditation and breathing techniques, as well as a holistic approach to healing.

Porgram covers:

  • An in-depth exploration of the concept of trauma, its functioning and effects on a physiological and psychological level.
  • How to become trauma-sensitive: awareness and recognition of trauma-based behaviour
  • Learning how to use yoga as a tool in working with trauma’s.
  • Your role in dealing with trauma’s and how to create a safe environment for trauma release.

This workshop is suited for everyone who wants to learn more on trauma healing through yoga and how to apply this in your own environment, for (yoga) teachers and beyond.

Cost for the workshop: 3000 THB (including water, tea & healthy snack). It will take place in Yoga House & Spa (Lamai), on Saturday (July 16th), from 10:00 AM till 3:30 PM.

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 «When traumas, be they extreme or mild, are not resolved, they leave behind a slew of painful and unprocessed feelings in the unconscious. These feelings are never content to remain silent and instead clamour for release. When they can express themselves openly and without disguise, a healing process is activated.»

Anouk Prop is a psychotherapist, registered Yoga Alliance (500 RYT) yoga teacher and reiki master, originally from the Netherlands. She combines yoga, psychotherapy & energetic healing through their very compatible aspects and stresses on the non-medical methods in healing and offers a holistic approach as such. Postgraduate education in trauma healing in combination with yoga put into practice, she has a broad range of experience in the field, varying from working with children and adults with a history of abuse, addiction, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, but also car-accidents and other traumatic events like war or natural disasters. She encounters people with deeply rooted tension, trauma or blockages on a level which goes beyond cognition and shows that yoga and energetic healing can open doors in this. Her mindful approach is focused on empowerment and guiding people towards their own unique essence by gently inviting them to look in the beautiful, though sometimes confronting mirror life provides, taken by her hand of compassion, positivity and enthusiasm.