Celtic folk music (Irish fiddles) evening, January 27th, 7:00 PM

This Friday's evening, we are happy to invite you to a great music evening by Lis and Leif Saya from Alaska (USA) — a mother-and-son fiddles (Irish violins) duo playing Irish folk music!

Lis came from a musical family and she learned to play guitar at an early age. She has played in various bands and produced a number of concerts in the Juneau (the capital of Alaska) area along with her husband.

Leif first asked his parents for a fiddle when he was only three years old. It wasn't until he was seven that he got his hands on one and he hasn't put it down since.

This amazing musical family has been travelled a lot and studied different styles of folk music from all over the world — Ireland, USA, Canada — attending musician camps, schools and festivals.

Don't miss your rare opportunity on the island to listen to live folk music (and to dance if you like to)! Entrance is for donation!

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Mantras singing with Shoshana, January 18th, 7:00 PM

We do it again and give donations to Samui Dog and Cat Rescue!

Shoshana is a mantra singer originally from Germany. Her name is the Greek form of «Sousanna» — the Hebrew name that has Egyptian roots and means «lily». Shoshana was passionate about music from her early 16 and started to join different bands for playing and singing. Since 2003, she has been releasing CDs with various bands and projects. In 2006, she heard mantras for the first time: it was Deva Premal & Miten that opened her heart and brightened her life. Shoshana found her light and started sharing it with others.

Since that time, Shoshana participated in a lot of mantras singing events, released few albums («Lightwork», «Vision», «Herzgarten», «Blütenstaub») and singles, travelled all around the world with performances and made her own sound workshops.

Shoshana sings mantras from her heart and wants everybody to feel the power of sacred texts’ chanting. This Friday’s evening we will sing together some popular mantras sitting in a circle and sharing positive energy.

Entrance is for donation. Come and join us in creating a powerful space!

For this time, The Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation Samui will benefit from your donations! This organization helps local dogs and cats for 18 years. You can learn more about it at www.samuidog.org.

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Yoga for women’s health and beauty, January 14th, 2:30 PM

Dear ladies! Get calmness, youth and good body shape with this yoga workshop!

Yoga is an effective tool for managing physical and psychological processes, it helps to harmonize your hormonal and emotional states. During this workshop, we will discover the means of Hatha Yoga that help women to maintain their hormones in balance and work with the body consciously. Both beginners and experienced yoga students are welcome.

This workshop and further regular practice brings you a lot of benefits:

  • hormonal balance – stable emotions;
  • clean skin;
  • strong muscles;
  • improved metabolism;
  • healthy reproductive organs;
  • coordinated work of the endocrine system;
  • the body will be fit, strong and flexible;
  • waist becomes thinner, legs slimmer, mood better.

Practice is especially helpful for you if you:

  • … are planning the pregnancy;
  • … are eager to make your immune system stronger;
  • … want to reduce menstrual syndrome;
  • … wish lower the stress and sleep better;
  • … are ready to get the diastasis under control and reduce the belly;
  • … want to dispose of puffiness and prevent the complications of varicose veins;
  • … dream to get a slim body, toned muscles and flexible mind!

Workshop will be guided by Ekaterina Sushcheva who is practicing yoga since 2001. She is a certified yoga teacher of Ashtanga Yoga Center (Moscow), practicing yoga instructor and therapist since 2008.

«By practicing and teaching yoga, I came to the conclusion that, first of all, yoga should help women maintain hormonal balance and, as a result, keep beauty, youth and slimness. When your body is healthy, following the path of spirituality is much more easier and happier. I developed my knowledge and personal practice for 15 years in this direction!»

Duration of workshop is 2,5 hours. Entrance fee is 700 baht. Please, note booking is required as places are limited (make a reservation coming to our place or contacting us).

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Namaste 2017 New Year Party, December 31st, 9:00 PM

Looking for a great company and unforgettable evening in a circle of co-thinkers celebrating the New Year's Eve?! Join us in Yoga House & Spa (Lamai) to say 'Namaste!' to 2017! We will gather our friends to make this night full of fun, peace and good intentions!

Our evening program includes:

  • kirtan (chanting of Hindu and Buddhist mantras),
  • meditation with Zen flute Shakuhachi,
  • fun games,
  • mehendi painting,
  • chatting with good people,
  • vegan food (no alcohol!),
  • any other activities (from you!) are very welcome.

Our party will happen right on December 31st night! We will start at 9 pm and finish after New Year bells (~1 am).

Entrance is just for donation. You may also bring food (please, vegetarian only) and drinks (please, no alcohol).

Looking forward to see you in our cosy space. Namaste!

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