Singing bowls meditations, every Wednesday, 7:00 PM

We are happy to offer you Himalayan singing bowls meditation every Wednesday at 7:00 PM — welcome to experience it!

Himalayan singing bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of diseased and out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul.

Our sessions are not directly connected with any spiritual traditions, last for about 1 hour. You will lay down in Savasana with your body being totally relaxed and your mind concentrated on the breathing or sophisticated HImalayan singing bowls sounds. Entrance fee is 300 THB.

We will start right after our evening yoga class (you can visit both events in a row). Welcome!

P.S. Note we also offer private sound healing sessions including sound bath & massage with singing bowls, gong and other instruments. Please check our therapies list for details.

Theta Clearing workshop, August 20th, 12:00

Following your interest in this Wednesday's Theta Clearing workshop, we are happy to invite you again this Sunday, August 20th, at 12:00!

During this session, Laura will take you through the process of how to enter the Theta Healing state, then take you further into the proccess of changing the limiting beliefs that linger in the unconscious, then offer you downloads to re-align with the frequencies of the feelings and experiences you have been missing out on.

Theta Healing is a powerful self-development and energy healing method. It offers a broad range of techniques to enable you to unblock yourself from having the life you are entitled to. Laura Mason is an Ireland based psychotherapist and healer, international master science Theta Healer instructor. “My ultimate goal is to spread a greater well-being around the world.”

This session will last for 75 minutes and made for donation (you are welcome leave as much as you can and want). No pre-booking is needed to participate — please welcome!

Regular Qigong classes with Jani

We are happy to introduce new classes in Yoga House & Spa! Discover the world-famous Chinese practice Qigong with Jani — it is a great way to adjust your balance!

Qigong (chi kung) is an ancient Chinese health practice. It is a harmonizing combination of deep breathing and slow focused movements to balance the energy of body, mind and spirit.

Jani Mäkinen is an Eastern meditative arts enthusiast from Finland. He has been practicing and studying Qigong for many years. He likes to actively help sharing this great art with his down-to-earth and gentle way.

In addition to traditional Qigong classes for your Health & Vitality, we're happy to invite you to special Qigong Energy Flow classes:

Do you feel stressed out or tension in your body? Re-establish the natural balance in your nervous system and feel your vitality again with our Qigong - Energy Flow class. Simple flowing Qigong movements combined with deep breathing designed to transform your stress and tension into life force. Come and ride the waves of relaxation!

If you see «Qigong + meditation» in our schedule, it means this Qigong session will be followed by a short meditation to open the energy channels, heal the body, discover the inner power of the body and develop self awareness.

Don't miss this great opportunity to work with your chi (qi), «life energy», with an experienced teacher! These classes are made for donation! Check our weekly schedule for Qigong and welcome!

Vivation breathing session, July 22nd, 10:30 AM

We invite you this Saturday, July 22nd, at 10:30 AM to the session of conscious breathing  — Vivation — by Lyudmila Koval.

Vivation is translated as «celebration of life» or «to be more alive». This is the process of returning to our natural breathing. Vivation is deep breathing practice that allows you to expand the depth of your soul, to become free of emotional blocks, to fill body with energy, to look deep into being and ask «Who am I?». Vivation can have different effects but tends to result in a state of joy and happiness, relaxed body, well-being, letting go of any addictions.

Lyudmila does Kundalini yoga since 2011 and currently teaches it on Koh Pha Ngan. Her regular practices are Sat Nam Rasayan, vivation, Mandala dance and Vipassana meditation. Lyudmila has a prominent experience in breathing practices including holotropic breathing, rebreathing (being sessions' assistant for years) and vivation (making sessions).

This session will last for two hours. It includes an explanation of basics on breathing, doing a few techniques to prepare, vivation breathing, sharing your experience with other participants. Please, DO NOT EAT FOR TWO HOURS before the session. Entrance fee is 400 THB. Please contact us to book your place in advance!

Bring inner happiness back to your life!