We are happy invite you to our first ever cacao ceremony with our special guest master!

What is this? Ceremonial cacao has been used for centuries to access higher states of consciousness, release negative energies and connect to the pure energy of the heart. It has been considered as a health elixir in ceremonial medicine since 1900 A.C by the Olmec (an ancient civilisation who lived in central America) and as a ritualistic medicine by the Aztecs and the Mayans.

Due to modern processes of refinement we only enjoy a small fraction of what cacao really has to offer. A cacao ceremony is an opportunity to rediscover it and connect with yourself opening your heart center. To get together in a ceremony means to return to our tribal way of community where we share our fears, our challenges and gain knowledge from the collective consciousness of the community. Whatever your journey is you can present an intention during the ceremony and the cacao is believed to offer an insight that will bring you closer to your goal.

The ceremony will be facilitated by Giuseppe who is a yoga teacher with a passion for the medicinal faculties of plants. He trained on cacao rituals at the Wild Food Cafe in 2015, a wellbeing oasis in London and a community for the study of the power of food as medicine. Since then he has facilitated numerous cacao ceremonies in the UK, Italy and China.

We will use special, ceremonial grade, cacao from a family run operation in Peru. It is prepared by slowly grounding the beans without heating them (since heat causes the loss of many active ingredients). The farming practices are fully sustainable, bio-dynamic and the knowledge of the farmers is beyond words. The amount of love they put into this cacao is astounding. This is probably some of the purest cacao on Earth.

This event will happen on February 13th (Wednesday) at 7:00—9:00 pm. Entrance fee is 350 baht and since the places are limited please CONTACT US IN ADVANCE telling you're coming (you can also use our Facebook event for that).

Please also note:

It is better to abstain from drinking cacao if:

  • you are taking antidepressant or other drugs (the natural chemical substances in the cacao may interact with the drugs);
  • you have serious heart problems;
  • you are pregnant (if lactating it is possible to drink a small dose).

How to prepare:

  • have a light dinner and don't eat at least two hours before the ceremony;
  • eat simple foods during the day of the ceremony, choose mostly fruits and raw vegetables;
  • drink plenty of water during the day of the ceremony, during and after the ceremony;
  • avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol on the day of the ceremony;
  • wear comfortable clothing;
  • don't plan anything too demanding immediately after the ceremony and the following day.

Welcome to join this unique experience!