Following your interest in this Wednesday's Theta Clearing workshop, we are happy to invite you again this Sunday, August 20th, at 12:00!

During this session, Laura will take you through the process of how to enter the Theta Healing state, then take you further into the proccess of changing the limiting beliefs that linger in the unconscious, then offer you downloads to re-align with the frequencies of the feelings and experiences you have been missing out on.

Theta Healing is a powerful self-development and energy healing method. It offers a broad range of techniques to enable you to unblock yourself from having the life you are entitled to. Laura Mason is an Ireland based psychotherapist and healer, international master science Theta Healer instructor. “My ultimate goal is to spread a greater well-being around the world.”

This session will last for 75 minutes and made for donation (you are welcome leave as much as you can and want). No pre-booking is needed to participate — please welcome!

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga holidays in Koh Samui, August 2018