Samui Vegan Day

Samui Vegan Day is an event to bring vegan community of the island together. It should help you to discover possibilities and realities of cruelty-free lifestyle, find co-thinkers, spend your time in a friendly atmosphere of positive thinking people.

Who can join? Everybody who wants to know about vegan food and lifestyle, to discuss its problems and benefits, to find new friends, to feel being a part of something big.

What can you expect? Vegans of Koh Samui (both tourists and long stayers), relaxed atmosphere, delicious and healthy vegan food and products from local vendors, interesting and inspiring lectures, movie.

How much? The entrance is FREE. You can buy some food and products as well as leave a DONATION (as much as you like) for lectures and movie.

Lectures schedule:

  • 12:00 — 12:30 PM. How to become a vegan/vegetarian? (Victoria Shurupova)
  • 12:30 — 01:00 PM. How to be a vegan and not lose friends? (Irina Kostenko)
  • 01:00 — 01:30 PM. Vegan motherhood: healthy and compassionate way. (Sharda ten Hove)
  • 01:30 — 02:00 PM. How animal agriculture affects the environment? (Dmitry Shurupov)

Lectures will be countinued with collective watching the "Making the connection" movie.

Samui Vegan Day is organized by Yoga House & Spa vegan cafe. It will happen for the first time for Koh Samui in Yoga House & Spa on September 11th, 2016 (Sunday). You are welcome!

Please, share this event with vegetarians, vegans, your friends and everybody interested in veganism and healthy lifestyle. Here is our Facebook event to join and share. Thank you and looking forward to see you on Samui Vegan Day!

Materials from #SamuiVeganDay


We had no plans to make a video for this time. However, Irina with her friend have filmed the "How to be a vegan and not lose friends?" talk. You can watch it right here:


  • «How to become a vegan/vegetarian?» (Victoria Shurupova): PDF (0,5 MB)
  • «Vegan motherhood: healthy and compassionate way» (Sharda ten Hove): PDF (0,1 MB) + «How to nourish your child on a vegan diet» PDF (0,1 MB).
  • «How animal agriculture affects the environment?» (Dmitry Shurupov): PDF (4,1 MB)


  • Here is our Facebook post with many thanks to everybody after the first Samui Vegan Day has happened.
  • Photos from event are available in this Facebook album and Instagram's #SamuiVeganDay.
  • Here is also a poster advertisting Samui Vegan Day at Koh Samui streets :-)

Samui Vegan Day in Yoga House; poster (September 2016)