Zen-flute Shakuhachi meditation, February 21st, 7:00 PM

This Thursday, February 21st, at 19:00 Yoga House & Spa invites you to join Zen-flute Shakuhachi meditation by Adi Pieper!

Shakuhachi is traditionally made from the root piece of the Madake bamboo. Japanese flute masters have developed it to become an advanced instrument used for meditation, folk music, and classical music in Japan.

Adi Pieper's musical background ranges from Western music, classical guitar, classical voice to Eastern music (including Indian tabla drums and Indian bamboo flute). He founded a folk singing group, later sang in several symphony choruses and played and recorded with the musician and composer Deuter. His love for the Shakuhachi as a means for meditation led him not only to play it but also to build these flutes.

The meditation will last for about 1 hour. There will be some classical Honkyoku pieces played as well as some free improvisations. Each piece will be followed by several minutes of silent sitting. The entrance is not fixed priced, it's madefor donation. It means you are welcome to leave as much as you want and can (depending on your experience and gratitude) — it will help us to make these events in future. You are welcome!

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Cacao ceremony, February 13th, 7:00 PM

We are happy invite you to our first ever cacao ceremony with our special guest master!

What is this? Ceremonial cacao has been used for centuries to access higher states of consciousness, release negative energies and connect to the pure energy of the heart. It has been considered as a health elixir in ceremonial medicine since 1900 A.C by the Olmec (an ancient civilisation who lived in central America) and as a ritualistic medicine by the Aztecs and the Mayans.

Due to modern processes of refinement we only enjoy a small fraction of what cacao really has to offer. A cacao ceremony is an opportunity to rediscover it and connect with yourself opening your heart center. To get together in a ceremony means to return to our tribal way of community where we share our fears, our challenges and gain knowledge from the collective consciousness of the community. Whatever your journey is you can present an intention during the ceremony and the cacao is believed to offer an insight that will bring you closer to your goal.

The ceremony will be facilitated by Giuseppe who is a yoga teacher with a passion for the medicinal faculties of plants. He trained on cacao rituals at the Wild Food Cafe in 2015, a wellbeing oasis in London and a community for the study of the power of food as medicine. Since then he has facilitated numerous cacao ceremonies in the UK, Italy and China.

We will use special, ceremonial grade, cacao from a family run operation in Peru. It is prepared by slowly grounding the beans without heating them (since heat causes the loss of many active ingredients). The farming practices are fully sustainable, bio-dynamic and the knowledge of the farmers is beyond words. The amount of love they put into this cacao is astounding. This is probably some of the purest cacao on Earth.

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Ashtanga yoga Mysore & self-practice classes in Koh Samui

We are excited to start regular Ashtanga yoga classes in Yoga House & Spa for those who practice this style of yoga (as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and R. Sharath Jois)!

We have already local community of Ashtangis here in Koh Samui. We practice 6 times per week and we are happy to see new people joining us to share the energy and support each other in regular practice.

That's what we currently have in Yoga House & Spa:

  • Ashtanga yoga Mysore classes guided by very experienced teacher — Craig — once per week;
  • Ashtanga yoga self-practice classes (like Mysores but with no teacher) — all other days with an exception for Sunday (our weekly day-off) and moon days.

All these classes start early morning (at 6:15 or 6:30 am) — please check our timetable for more details.

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«The Light of Night Ragas» concert, February 1st, 6:00 PM

We are excited to invite you to unique music event on Koh Samui — «The Light of Night Ragas»!

Welcome to join a meditative journey to your inner being and our common source facilitated by sophisticated, charming music of traditional Indian instruments: bansuri and tabla. It will be performed by our special guest — famous Russian flutist, Pravin (Pavel Novikov) — and well-known island's musician, Adi Pieper.

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