200 hour certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher training course (TTC) with YOGAYANTRA!

June 1—29, 2018 in Yoga House & Spa (Koh Samui, Lamai)

World-famous Dominique Renucci from Yogayantra comes to Koh Samui for the first time to share her profound experience with you, yogis and yoginis looking for a deeper understanding of yoga, improving your skills and getting your teacher's certification. Being guided by a professional who has been teaching TTCs alone for 12 years already, you're going to discover the full power of yoga and become able to share your comprehensive knowledge with other living beings.

About Yogayantra and Dominique

Yogayantra is a yoga school registered with Yoga Alliance. Dominique Renucci is its founder and director who has left her country (France) in 1991 to live in Asia. She has studied yoga with many teachers across Europe and Asia, attended many intensive retreats and read tons of books dedicated to Indian philosophy, Tibetan Buddhism and Dzogchen teaching, spent months in self-retreats in secluded places. Dominique has practiced Zen meditation for many years, attended many 10-day Vipassana meditation courses, received empowerment of some Tibetan practices, has been following and practicing the Dzogchen teachings from Choegyal Namkhai Norbu for many years. She is also a student of the medical University of Grenoble (France) and online student of Dr Robert Morse (Florida, USA).

Dominique has been studying Indian philosophy as a teenager coming into the world of yoga in 1975. She started teaching yoga in 1991, attended her first yoga TTC in 1995 and started to teach 200 & 300 hour TTCs in 2005. She has been practicing Iyengar Yoga for years and then switched to Ashtanga style. Now, Dominique practices and teaches Vinyasa Yoga emphasizing mindfulness with fluidity and athleticism combining it with detailed knowledge and precision of Iyengar style. Dominique's broad experience in teaching YTTCs can be validated via Yoga Alliance website.

You can find more details about Yogayantra and Dominique Renucci at www.yogayantra.com. For example, this PDF document contains useful information and Q&A on Yogayantra's 200-hour YTTCs.

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Gong meditation, Friday, 7:00 PM

Gong meditations are available again in our space! Come this Friday at 7:00 PM to experience it.

Gong is an ancient instrument of healing, rejuvenation and transformation. It produces a strong sound wave, almost tangible to the touch, which stimulates the physical body by influencing the surface of the skin and every cell.

Gong releases tension and blocks in the body, stimulates a higher functioning of the glandular and nervous system, increases prana and improves its circulation. It also works deeply with mental, emotional and spiritual bodies purifying and calming the mind.

These sessions are not directly connected with any spiritual traditions, last for 1 hour and led by Vladimir. You will lay down in Savasana with your body being totally relaxed and your mind concentrated on the breathing or deep gong sounds. Entrance is for donation!

We will start right after our evening yoga class (you can visit both events in a row). Welcome!

Regular Qigong classes with Jani

We are happy to introduce new classes in Yoga House & Spa! Discover the world-famous Chinese practice Qigong with Jani — it is a great way to adjust your balance!

Qigong (chi kung) is an ancient Chinese health practice. It is a harmonizing combination of deep breathing and slow focused movements to balance the energy of body, mind and spirit.

Jani Mäkinen is an Eastern meditative arts enthusiast from Finland. He has been practicing and studying Qigong for many years. He likes to actively help sharing this great art with his down-to-earth and gentle way.

In addition to traditional Qigong classes for your Health & Vitality, we're happy to invite you to special Qigong Energy Flow classes:

Do you feel stressed out or tension in your body? Re-establish the natural balance in your nervous system and feel your vitality again with our Qigong - Energy Flow class. Simple flowing Qigong movements combined with deep breathing designed to transform your stress and tension into life force. Come and ride the waves of relaxation!

If you see «Qigong + meditation» in our schedule, it means this 1-hour Qigong session will be followed by an optional 30-minutes meditation to open the energy channels, heal the body, discover the inner power of the body and develop self awareness.

Don't miss this great opportunity to work with your chi (qi), «life energy», with an experienced teacher! These classes are made for donation! Check our weekly schedule for Qigong and welcome!

«Awake: the Life of Yogananda» (2014) screening, 21/06 at 7:00 PM

Join us this International Yoga Day to watch a documentary about one of the greatest yogis of modern times — Paramahansa Yogananda!

«AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda» is an unconventional biography about the Hindu Swami who brought yoga and meditation to the West in the 1920s. Paramahansa Yogananda authored the spiritual classic “Autobiography of a Yogi,” which has sold millions of copies worldwide. Filmed over three years with the participation of 30 countries around the world, the documentary examines the world of yoga, modern and ancient, east and west and explores why millions today have turned their attention inwards, bucking the limitations of the material world in pursuit of self-realization.

We will show the movie (English language version) in our yoga hall via projector. During the screening, we will provide some tea and snacks.

Entrance is for donation, everybody is welcome!

Please note that before movie we will have another special event — Slow Yoga class with Anouk made for donation with all funds going to Yoga Gives Back charity! It will start at 5:30 PM, so you're welcome to visit both events in a row.

P.S. Feel free to join our event at Facebook and spread the word! ;-)