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Ajna Light therapy is made using a state of the art technology that emits light and sound stimulations. The technology facilitates your body's own relaxation response. Ajna Light therapy is a way to experience deep relaxation and inner-awareness. Beneficial for sleep issues, headaches, fatigue, strees and mental tension. These sessions can run for a variety of lengths depending on the purpose.

  • Duration: 30 / 40 / 60 minutes.
  • Price: 800 / 1000 / 1600 THB.

Please, contact us (via email, phone or online form) for your booking!

Counselling & Integrated Light Therapy

An in-depth consultation to explore key goals you wish to achieve that may be hindered by emotional and mental blocks. This integrated session incorporates a tailored approach that uses counselling, CBT and Solutions Focused Therapy along with other tools to help work through any unresolved tensions. The session includes a period of Light Therapy which offers programs for relaxation, meditation, inner-connection, self-awareness, creativity, intuitive insight and much more. This holistic therapy may be useful for insomnia, phobias, addictive tendencies, emotional traumas, stress and anxiety.

  • Duration: 40 / 60 minutes.
  • Price: 1800 / 2300 THB.

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About master

Rebecca is originally from Melbourne, Australia. She has Diploma in Counselling with an advanced study major in addictions. She works with many modalities including CBT; Solution focused therapy and tailors her approach to the client's desired outcomes. Rebecca has worked as a Counsellor/Recovery coach in Melbourne, then later moved to Bali where she gained extensive experience as a consultant counsellor and Ajna Light practitioner for treatment centres, retreats, and private clients.

Booking Ajna light & Integrated light therapy

Therapy sessions should be booked in advance via phone, or email, or online form. Please, contact us to make a reservation for your session in Koh Samui.


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