Spa treatment on Koh Samui: Wrap and Face and Head Massage

Spa → Wrap and Face & Head Massage

Duration: 1 hour

Price per one / two people: 1000 THB / 1700 THB

Treatment details:

These wrappings are available for your choice:

  • honey creamy
  • chocolate
  • aloe and cucumber
  • Thai herbs

The main purpose of wrapping is an impact of active substances on the problem areas to correct aesthetic defects by means of building a «micro-climate» in a particular area of the body and increasing metabolism. Wraps effect can be seen immediately after the procedure: the skin becomes elastic, smooth, toned as cellulite bumps decrease. It is better to have a body scrub first. Before and after this procedure, we recommend you to drink a lot of water to help in moving toxins out.

Honey creamy wrap helps to detoxify your skin, move surplus fluid out and get rid of excess centimeters. Chocolate wrap improves nutrition of the skin, helps to retain moisture and make the skin taut. Aloe and cucumber are indispensable in dealing with skin damages and sunburns. Herbal body wrap will help to strengthen contours of the body, detoxify, make the skin soft and shining.


Please, note currently we accept cash only and you need to book your Spa treatment in advance. (You should get a confirmation for your appointment at least 3 hours beforehand.)

Book Spa on Koh Samui or contact us via phone (+66 824 271 284), email to get any details!


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