Hot Stone Massage (Koh Samui, Yoga House & SPA)

Spa → Hot Stone Massage

Duration: 2 hours

Price per one: 2200 THB

Treatment details:

  • Hot stone massage — 90 min
  • Head, neck and shoulders massage — 30 min

The warmth of basalt stones penetrating into your body's energy points will facilitate movement of energy and restore harmony of mind and body. Heating of living tissues will increase and improve your blood circulation and metabolism. Your cells will get more oxygen and essential nutrients. Products of decay will be removed faster. Your body will be detoxified and your immune system will become stronger. As your body is fully relaxed, muscle clamps are relieved, wrinkles are smoothed and rejuvenation happens.

It is also believed stones absorb negative energy and revitalize chakras (energy centers).


Please, note currently we accept cash only and you need to book your Spa treatment in advance. (You should get a confirmation for your appointment at least 3 hours beforehand.)

Book Spa on Koh Samui or contact us via phone (+66 824 271 284), email to get any details!


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