Spa treatment on Koh Samui: Coconut Island

Spa → Coconut Island

Duration: 2 hours 30 min

Price per one / two people: 2800 THB / 4200 THB

Treatment details:

  • Fresh coconut
  • Aromatic steam or sauna — 30 min
  • «Tropical coconut» body scrub — 30 min
  • Relaxing body massage with 100% organic coconut oil — 60 min
  • Coconut milk foot bath — 30 min

Coconut plantations of Koh Samui are well-known and considered as one of the largest and best in the world. During this program, you will find yourself in a real coconut paradise.

First, you will have a fresh coconut and prepare your skin in the warm steam or sauna. Then, coconut body scrub will come. Based on coconut flakes, milk, organic coconut oil, white rice powder and vanilla, it cleanses and nourishes the skin making it soft and silky. It is a perfect care after sun, for dry and tired skin. It prevents aging and appearing of wrinkles. Lauric acid (more than 50 % of coconut oil contents) accelerates the process of damages healing and activates skin regeneration. Rapic acid (from coconut oil as well) helps to preserve moisture and restore skin epidermis barrier function, prevents accumulation of fat in the body and activates «burning» of fatty cells.

Your coconut journey will be finished with coconut oil relaxing massage that will give you a true tropical bliss as you dive into total comfort and relaxation. This program is an excellent rejuvenating treatment for those who appreciate beauty!


Please, note currently we accept cash only and you need to book your Spa treatment in advance. (You should get a confirmation for your appointment at least 3 hours beforehand.)

Book Spa on Koh Samui or contact us via phone (+66 824 271 284), email to get any details!


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