Spa treatment on Koh Samui: Cleopatra

Spa → Cleopatra

Duration: 2 hours 30 min

Price per one / two people: 3200 THB / 4800 THB

Treatment details:

  • «Cleopatra» bath: milk + honey + vanilla — 30 min
  • Honey vanilla body scrub — 30 min
  • Massage to improve body forms on problem areas — 60 min
  • Head, neck and shoulders massage — 30 min

Cleopatra… This name was often heard for several millenniums because she had managed to capture hearts of the most powerful and terrible men of her time. And we will help you to uncover an amazing secret of her beauty and female attractiveness in this delicious Spa program.

Subtle bath with milk, honey and vanilla is well-known as a secret of youth and beauty. It also brings you complete relaxation in charming romantic atmosphere. Honey vanilla body scrub gently removes dead cells, restores elasticity, gives softness of body and nourishes it. Massage to improve body forms on problem areas will make you feel like a queen.

Dive into the deep state of relaxation with this royal treatment for your body and mind!


Please, note currently we accept cash only and you need to book your Spa treatment in advance. (You should get a confirmation for your appointment at least 3 hours beforehand.)

Book Spa on Koh Samui or contact us via phone (+66 824 271 284), email to get any details!


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