Spa treatment on Koh Samui: Aloe Vera and Cucumber (after sun)

Spa → Aloe Vera and Cucumber (after sun care treatment)

Duration: 2 hours

Price per one / two people: 2200 THB / 3300 THB

Treatment details:

  • Aloe vera and cucumber body wrap — 30 min
  • Aloe vera gel body massage — 60 min
  • Head, neck and shoulders massage — 30 min

Aloe vera and cucumber work perfectly together. This program allows you to get really new skin after all the damages and sunburns! Cucumber refreshes and moisturizes the skin, relieves itching and irritation. Aloe vera gel has a cooling effect: it soothes the skin, restores the damaged cells and makes the process of sunburn healing faster and easier.

You will enjoy a cooling wrap and soft full body massage with Aloe vera that will bring you refreshment and help you to forget about hot sun.

Let the nature care for you!


Please, note currently we accept cash only and you need to book your Spa treatment in advance. (You should get a confirmation for your appointment at least 3 hours beforehand.)

Book Spa on Koh Samui or contact us via phone (+66 824 271 284), email to get any details!


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