About Yoga House & Spa

Our home is not just a place where we put our photos and stuff. Our home is a place where we can feel deep connection with ourselves, find our friends and have a real opportunity for self-healing & self-growth.

Yoga House & Spa is a Home you can come with an open heart, share your joy and sorrow, get experience you need and of course find a family. Even if you come to the island just for a few days, visiting our center will certainly make you smile.

While physical benefits of yoga are obvious and important, we strive to follow (and to show others) the spiritual part of it. We strongly believe that yoga is neither a sport nor yet another trendy thing.

Our mission is to help you to improve yourself on three levels: body, mind and spirit. As yoga has many aspects apart of asanas, our center has plenty of activities to offer you for deep self-knowledge.



"The essence of understanding energy -Informational flows and fields in the modern society are completely absent. It is still difficult for a person to understand that their energy field is information about them-self. Just as energy exists - there are ways to use it in different situations, there is health, there is success, there is life. If there is no energy — there is nothing.




With over 15 years of practical experience of working with energy- informational fields I know how to save and multiply it."

Valentin Voronin

Spiritual Coach,

Founder of the White Mirror School of Self-Development.

Owner of Yoga House & Spa






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As Sri K. Pattabhi Jois noted, «Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory.» We are looking forward to meet all the truth seekers in Yoga House & Spa!